So you ate or drank something over the weekend that left you feeling sluggish, heavy and achy?  It’s time for detox.

1. Drink as much water as it takes to achieve very pale urine. Lemon in your water helps and room temp is much better than cold. The best detox is a 20 ounce glass of ROOM temp water just after you wake up and before eating, having coffee or basically anything other than opening your eyes.
2. Drink a detox smoothie using several cups of greens, clean aloe juice (which is a body cleanser) and parsley (another cleanser),
3. Stretch your muscles throughout the day. Left, right, lean forward, lean back, legs, arms, all of it. Drink water right afterwards to cleanse the toxins that stretching releases.
4. Eliminate alcohol, all refined sugar and processed foods for a few days to aid the cleansing. Reduce sugar to only fruits, raw honey or syrup and coconut sugar. Limit even these in detox.
5. Scrub your body. Exfoliating your skin helps release toxins. Steam baths are great for this as well.
6. Eat dark greens, ginger, almonds, garlic, beets, blueberries, cabbage, cranberries, avocado, flaxseeds, kale, legumes, lemons, turmeric and seaweed.
7. SWEAT. Sweat is a great detoxifier. Sweat it out!
8. Breathe deeeeeply. Deep breathing helps remove toxins.
9. Get a massage. Be sure and drink extra water after to remove the released toxins before they resettle in your body.
10. Get a very good night‘s sleep and let your body repair and revitalize.


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