Yoga & You

Feb 8, 2021


Yoga & You


To practice Yoga, all you need is You.

However, what type of Yoga is right for your body? There are so many styles of Yoga, they range from restorative and calming practices to vigorous ones.  Try them all if it’s available to you. But consider the following,  think about your preferred type of practice, a challenging practice or a restoring and  relaxing practice; and most importantly consider your body history and your current health conditions.

If you have an injury or specific condition certain styles of yoga may not be appropriate for you. 

If you are doing strength training and cardio,  maybe then, the best yoga approach for you would be one that brings balance, restoration and relaxation to your body.  

There is no one correct posture, one right way to practice; the asanas (postures) will express themselves accordingly to the body that is forming them, therefore, don’t expect to look like everybody.  

I offer zoom Yoga live sessions and my recorded videos are a combination between Movement therapy, Gentle/Restorative/Hatha Yoga and Somatic Yoga.

Coach Alba