Apr 23, 2021



January: When change seems impossible.

When we are trying to change our life, our bodies and minds seem to betray us in the process. Everything seems too foreign and too difficult for us. Things might even feel chaotic and unaligned. Re-aligning and putting things together might feel out of whack; however, we were out of alignment, and bringing balance will feel strange and foreign. Below there are a few things you can do to help you in the process.

  • Change your physiological state: Every time you find yourself going through stress or difficult emotions, change your body temperature or your heartbeat by running, jumping, exercising, taking a cold shower, washing your face with cold water, hugging a tree, etc.
  • Take 10 deep breaths– The key is to extend your exhalation if possible double the time it takes you to exhale-
  • Name your emotions. Find and soothe the physical component of those emotions: (Find a meditation to do this on my yoga videos). When we label difficult emotions, activity in the amygdala – the part of the brain that registers danger – becomes less active and less likely to trigger a stress reaction in the body so take a moment to label and name how you are feeling.
  • Take a salt bath – Submerging in warm water and salt can help you soothe your nervous system and decrease inflammation, detoxify the body and hydrate the skin.
  • Journal:  Scientific evidence supports that the act of writing activates your left brain (analytical and rational part of your brain). While your left brain is occupied, your right brain (the intuitive and creative part of your brain) is free to create, feel and integrate, which then makes it easier to remove mental blocks while using your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you. When you journal daily (it can be only a few sentences) you can start observing yourself from a different angle and maybe even find the answers you were so busy looking for outside.
  • Listen to functional music: Music has a big effect on your brain.  One of the most reliable ways to change your brainwaves is through a consistent sound wave using for example  binaural beats or tones that synchronize with your brain waves such as healing frequencies (432Hz)
  • Declutter your space (physical, mental, emotional and digital space). Reflect on what is making it harder for you to change. Adapt and find ways to declutter, eliminate, or transform those things that are blocking your way.
  • Gratitude: changing your mindset is really about practice. Happiness and equanimity are a skill one must practice every day. So find time to refocus your brain, maybe by following a gratitude meditation or by writing down 3-5 things you are grateful for.
  • Keep a healthy diet and stay well hydrated: What we eat really influences our mood and behaviors. Find what works for you and mind what you consume. This will help you go through the process of change.

Take 1 step at a time, 1 breath at a time. Change and life is a process. Be compassionate with yourself. Rather than feeling that you are someone to be fixed or resolved, feel yourself in the moment to moment in radical acceptance. When we set the intention to be compassionate with ourselves, then we are not aggressive with the “self-improvement process” but rather we meet the challenges, difficulties, and the process of change with kindness, acceptance, compassion and love for ourselves     ~Coach Alba

Yoga & Meditation Weekly content:

Meditation : Emotional awareness – Being with difficult emotions or just becoming aware of where you are emotionally.


“For someone to develop genuine compassion towards others, first he or she must have a basis upon which to cultivate compassion, and that basis is the ability to connect to one’s own feelings and to care for one’s own welfare… Caring for others requires caring for oneself.” ~Dalai Lama

In this meditation you will learn to name your emotions and also learn to identify the physical component of those emotions so you can regulate them. Finding softness and compassion through the process as you become aware. Remember:  what flows through your mind & body sculpts your brain, so let’s rewire our brain. Let’s start by becoming the observers of our thoughts, emotions and sensations and as we embrace those, let’s take the necessary actions to address them. There is no future without the present, and the past is only a point of reference not a state of residence so let’s be mindful of today’s opportunity to live and be.