Exercise and Gut Health

Feb 18, 2022

 by Christina Wilson

The positive influence of exercise on the microbiome–gut–brain axis


Need another reason to get that cardio workout in? Grab your leg warmers, I got one for ya.


Although the exact causal relationship is unknown, current evidence allows for the assumption that exercise may help mediate the bidirectional relationship between the gut and brain through alterations in the microbiome.


Here’s how: Aerobic exercise has been shown to impact the gut by increasing microbiome diversity. When gut bacteria diversity diminishes, there are systemic consequences, such as gastrointestinal and psychological distress (e.g. depression and anxiety). Altering the bacterial profiles and influencing the by-products produced from gut bacteria through exercise may have the potential to help reverse these conditions.


Although more research is needed, it’s pretty cool to know that staying active regularly has a positive effect on your microbiome, which we now know can make improvements in both gut and brain health. Always trust your gut, and continue to sweat for it as well.