Be Your Own Advocate!

Apr 26, 2021


Be Your Own Advocate!

YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! You know that right? You can’t look to someone else because you know your body better than anyone.

I love my doctor. I would depend on my doctor if I broke a bone, couldn’t figure out what was going on without bloodwork and should I need more serious discovery. However, I don’t look to my doctor to tell me how to live and she’s the first to tell me I’m right to think that way.

Sadly, most doctors in the US have a rudimentary understanding of nutrition (that’s generous). While some opted to take nutrition courses, it wasn’t required of them. Many were taught that their job was between them and disease; the patient just a bystander. They are not there to teach you healthy, they are there to fix you with meds, a knife, or ‘let’s give it some time’. There are great ones out there, don’t get me wrong! Their education is to blame, not them personally.

“Imagine a cliff where people keep falling off and dying. Instead of erecting a warning sign at the top of the cliff telling people not to approach, modern medicine just places ambulances at the bottom” ~Denis Burkitt, MD

I will never tell you not to listen to your doc. It’s not my place, right or interest to do so. What I am here to tell you is that you must strive to go beyond what you’re told and do the groundwork of understanding how to live a healthy lifestyle. One that mirrors your own priorities and goals.

Is today the day you show up for you? I hope so! ~LorrieSavePosted in Nutrition