My1FitLife Journey 

It's a journey, this life. It's never about the destination but rather what you learn and how you grow along the way. Somehow, we think that our fitness is a place we arrive, but what if we shifted the way we look at it? What if we saw it as the adventure of a lifetime and the ability to improve day after day as we walk along a beautiful and changing path? You will never get to a destination in wellness, but rather, you will ebb and flow with the changing tides, and your journey will inform what comes next. Let's travel together. 

Michelle, Keith & My1FitLife Team



Rule your mind, or it will rule you ~Buddha

Membership Includes: 

  • Weekly Meditation 
  • Weekly Breathing
  • Weekly Mental Grit Coaching


Body in motion stays in motion ~ Motion is lotion and rest is rust.

Journey Includes: 

  • Workouts for all levels
  • Express HIIT workouts 
  • Yoga videos
  • Mobility videos


The process of taking in healthy food and using it for growth, metabolism, and repair.

Journey Includes:

  • Meal plans
  • Recipes
  • Resources


Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. ~ Albert Einstein


  • Grounding 
  • Traveling
  • Energy


If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. ~ African Proverb

  • Accountability 
  • Motivation
  • Support